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NEW HOME PROJECT. Whether starting with the acquisition of land or with an existing property, MTM Concepts will take you through the entire process: from concept to architects drawings and then through construction to completion.

PROJECT UNDERWAY. Many of our clients come to us during the course of their construction project. Some with architects drawings in hand but work not started. Some with construction at the rough framing stage. And still others with construction at the drywall stage, ready to select and install the materials, appliances and fixtures that will give the finished home its unique look and feel. Based on our considerable experience, the earlier in the project that we are engaged, the better the result.

CONSULTING FEES. Regardless of the scope of the project, MTM Concepts charges for its construction services at an hourly rate. In this way our clients pay us only for our experience, judgment and time. Clients pay separately for building materials, contract labor, appliances and fees — without hidden markups, add-on costs and overhead charges — implicit features of most home building contracts.

Every project creates a unique working relationship between MTM Concepts and the client. And, because of our “transparent” cost structure, clients are able to more readily manage and control all costs going into their project.